The expertise at NGT includes Microsoft, Cisco, and Security + training and certification. Additionally, we have experience in the following network systems:
Structured Cabling
Includes Category 5, 5e, 6, Multi-mode and Single-mode Fiber, and 802.11b/g/a wireless standards.
OSI Layer 2 and 3 Technologies
Includes VLANs, 802.1q frame tagging, 802.11af (PoE), and VoIP QoS configurations.
OSI Layer 4-7 Routers
Includes intrusion detection, proxy serving and content filtering.
VPN and other access
Includes site-to-site VPN, remote user VPN, dedicated lines and dial-up access.
Wide Area Networks (WAN)
. . .
Local Area Networks (LAN)
. . .

Install your network

We will install, or work with a contractor of your choice, to install the necessary cabling for your network and ensure the appropriate network specifications and certifications are met. We will then bring our team on site to terminate your network connections and prepare them for use.

NGT will also provide ongoing network monitoring to ensure your network performance meets your needs. This monitoring includes:

  • Intrusion detection alerting.
  • SNMP monitoring and traffic threshold alerting.
  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Security patch monitoring
  • Hardware status
  • Renewal alerting
  • Honeypot alerting
  • MAC address notification
  • UPS - Alerting