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Internet Explorer Zero-Day

What is the new IE Zero-Day?

A new vulnerability in Internet Explorer could allow remote code execution on an unpatched system. For technical details regarding the vulnerability, visit this Microsoft website:

What is the impact and how can it be exploited?

This Zero-Day vulnerability is termed as a “remote code execution vulnerability.” Hackers and malware writers can utilize this bug or vulnerability to create websites that execute or run malicious code. The user may be tricked into visiting a malicious website via phishing emails, instant messages, or through ads running on a legitimate site. Once the malicious code is executed, attackers can take advantage of the vulnerability introduced on an end-user’s machine in order to access the user’s computer and gain access to files or even take control over the computer.

What should I do?

  • As always, please be careful of where you surf and what links you click on.
  • If you have an alternate browser (Firefox/Chrome/etc.), please use it for the short term.
  • If your computer says it has updated and needs a reboot, please reboot.
  • If you have any suspicious emails or links, please feel free to contact NGT.
  • Please ensure your home PCs are updated using Windows Updates.

As always please feel free to contact NGT with any questions or concerns, we are glad to help.

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