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Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are powerful, allowing you to meet, interact, and share with people around the world. However, with all these capabilities come risks; not to just you, but your family, friends, and employer as well.

One common concert about social networking sites is privacy—protecting your information and the sensitive information of others. Potential dangers include:

  • Impacting Your Future
    Many organizations search social networking sites as part of background checks.  Embarrassing or incriminating posts, no matter how old, can prevent you from getting hired or promoted.  Privacy options may not protect you, as these organizations can ask you to join their pages prior to the application process.
  • Attacks Against You
    Cyber criminals can harvest your personal information and use it for attacks against you.  For example, they can use your information to guess the answers to your “secret questions” to reset your online passwords, create email attacks, or apply for credit cards in your name. 
  • Harming Your Employer
    Criminals or competitors can use any sensitive information you post about your organization against your employer.  In addition, your posts can potentially cause reputational harm for your organization.

The best protection is to limit the information you post.  Privacy options can provide some protection, but they are often confusing and can change frequently without you knowing.  Ultimately, the best way to protect your privacy is to follow this rule:  If you don’t want your mother or boss to see your post, don’t post it.

Also be aware of what information friends are posting about you.  It can be just as damaging if they post private information or embarrassing photos of you.  Make sure your friends understand what they can or cannot post about you.  Also, be respectful of what you post about others.

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